1. Of me!
  2. Of someone you follow!
  3. Of someone who follows you!
  4. Of someone who has written many lists!
  5. Of someone who has written no lists at all!
  6. Of a famous person!
  7. Of a non-famous person!
  8. Of a person who has a profile photo!
  9. Of a person who does not have a photo!
  10. Of a person you have a secret crush on!
  11. Of someone old!
  12. Of someone young!
  13. Of someone in between!
  14. Of someone you know well!
  15. Of a perfect stranger!
  16. Request a list tonight!
  17. Request a list tomorrow!
  18. Request a list on New Year's Day!
  19. Request two lists from the same person!
  20. Request the same list from multiple people!
  21. It's so easy!
  22. Request a list!