1. So I had this idea
  2. It's called Sharing Week
  3. It starts today
  4. It is not @list official or anything. It is just my own crazy, rogue idea.
  5. And it is this:
  6. What if, for a week or so, we each made a couple lists that shared bits of our personality, life experience and psyche with everyone
  7. I know many lists are like that already, but I want MORE. I want to know what makes you tick...your hopes, your dreams, what gets you out of bed in the morning, your personal history, your struggles, your triumphs.
  8. So for the next week, I'm going to focus on that. (Though not exclusively)
  9. And when I post a list that seems like a Sharing Week list, I will add those adorable Playboy bunnies to the end of it.
  10. Because look at them: 👯 those two ladies, sharing such a fun, kick-dance-y moment with each other. SOOOOO much sharing going on.
  11. If you see a list that you want to make your own version of, tap on the list and double-tap the title...it will start your own version of that list and put "inspired by [the original lister]" in the description. Let's inspire each other!
  12. Here are some of the lists I might do:
  13. My Favorite Holiday
    I'll pick a holiday I love and say why I love it and describe what I/my family does on that holiday. Holiday traditions, etc.
  14. My Favorite Books and Why
  15. My Prized Possessions
    Not necessarily stuff worth a lot of money, but stuff that has sentimental value. Like now we all know @john has hundreds of guitars (and that he's still looking for "The One"). But does he have a favorite? And, if so, what makes it so special?
  16. I've Got a Bone to Pick
    A list about something that just makes you rootin' tootin' angry or frustrated.
  17. The One That Got Away
    A list about that person that you liked or loved but that you never ended up with (but still think about wistfully from time to time).
  18. 9/11
    What is 9/11 like for you? Where were you on the day? And what do you do when 9/11 rolls around each year?
  19. My Greatest Regrets
  20. My Greatest Triumph(s)
  21. A Day in the Life of Me
  22. What I Would Save If My House Was On Fire
  23. Where I Would Go If I Could Time Travel
  24. Skills I Wish I Had
  25. Things That Make Me Cry
  26. My Worst Habits
  27. My Favorite Things To Talk About
  28. My Beliefs
  29. My Favorite Words
  30. ------------
  31. It also might be fun to request lists like these from other Listers. Especially ones who have not made any lists yet.
  32. Anyway, SHARING WEEK. Wanna join me? Let's get to know each other!
  33. 👯