I've watched a few episodes of season one and thought they were just ok. But there are a lot of seasons/episodes. Quite a time commitment. So convince me. Is it worth watching? Why? Does it get better over time? Should I fill this cultural hole in my melon? Will it make me a wiser person? Will it transform my life?
  1. The attention to the historic aesthetic and its effect on the characters is something to behold.
    Suggested by @johnniehobbs
  2. Helping to take historical events which are normally front and center when thinking about the past and moving them to where historical events actually belong: the background to human lives.
    Suggested by @evan
  3. It's one of the best shows for character development I've ever watched. You're right that it is quite the time investment, but I have to say it's 100% worth it just for the rich emotional storytelling it accomplishes for each of its main characters.
    Suggested by @mikenickerson
  4. Absolutely worth it. It can take a handful of episodes to get into the groove, but once you get there, it's the best. Rewarding character moments, tonally consistent... It may not transform your life, but it's very satisfying.
    Suggested by @DavidSeger
  5. I think you are in the prime position to watch all of Mad Men. Why? Because you can binge watch them. The character development is amazing. It's so well done and the attention to detail is phanominal. Also, there are so many interesting themes that weave through each season. DO IT! I'm jealous you get to watch it for the first time.
    Suggested by @jackiepeiser