Because what better way is there to celebrate the holidays than by sending and receiving gifts to random Internet strangers?
  1. Hello, I am Chris. And I am organizing an ([unofficial] @list Secret Santa.
  2. To sign up, submit the following form:
  4. Once you fill out the above form, you are agreeing to receive one gift from somewhere in the world from a secret gift-giver (your Secret Santa).
  5. You are also signing up to send a gift to someone in the world.
  6. Give and ye shall receive.
  7. I recommend hand-made gifts, but this is entirely up to you.
  8. After everyone signs up, I will randomly match everyone with a Secret Santa and email you who you are giving/making a gift for.
  9. All of your data is 100% confidential and will only be used for this one Secret Santa.
  11. You must sign up using the above form no later than 11:59 PM Eastern US Time, Tuesday, December 1, 2015.
  12. No exceptions. On December 2, I will notify everyone about who they are giving/making a gift for.
  13. Please mail your gift NO LATER THAN December 9, 2015 to allow time for the gift to arrive by Christmas. Try to send your gift earlier if your recipient is in a different country.
  14. (Please tell me if you'd rather only send a gift to someone in the same country)
  16. A gift (preferably hand-made).
  17. Feel free to creep all of your gift-receiver's List App lists to get a sense for something they would like to receive. Get to know them a little bit by reading their lists!
  19. Anything creepy
  20. Anything illegal
  21. Anything the gift-receiver indicates they would not like to receive (this is one of the participation form questions).
  22. Anything self-promotional or spammy
  23. A shoddy bomb casing made of used pinball machine parts
  24. RULES
  25. You must be a member of List App to participate
  26. You can sign up even if you don't celebrate Christmas
  27. You may not sign up if you get Scrooge-y or Grinch-y over the holidays
  28. If you sign up you REALLY NEED TO SEND A GIFT TO SOMEONE or that person will cry and you will ruin their entire holiday.
  29. Don't reveal yourself to your gift-receiver until after Christmas or you will spoil the surprise and the Spirit of Christmas will find you and put you in The Cement Boots.
  30. No one's contact info will be shared except to tell you who to send a gift to. This is not you-as-product. This is Chris-is-having-fun-with-Listy-friends-over-the-holidays.
  31. I would of course LOVE to read lists about taking part in List App Secret Santa. So write 'em and then tag me in 'em.
  33. Call or text 919-259-8023 or email
  34. HO HO HO