1. Like
    Have you seen 2001: A Space Odyssey? Gee, I wonder what it would be ____ to use a computer...
  2. Relist
    I placed a classified ad for my old concertina in the newspaper but it didn't sell so I need to _____ it.
  3. List
    Heavens, this French river barge sure is _____ing pretty far to starboard.
  4. Content
    I know that cassette players are very popular right now, but I'm quite _____ with my record player.
  5. Tweet
    Hark, Aunt Stella; is that the _____ of an indigo bunting I hear?
  6. Mute
    My Uncle Rupert does not speak because he is _____.
  7. Blocked
    I love to play parcheesi too, Mr. Covington, except I get frustrated when I'm ______ behind a barricade.
  8. Facebook
    I'd love to give you a makeup demo, ma'am. For ideas for what looks I can do, have a look in our _______.
  9. YouTube
    Some folks go down this snow-covered hill on sleds. Others enjoy toboggans. But ____.
  10. +1
    You got an invite to Algernon's wedding, too? Did you get a ___?? I didn't get a ___.
  11. TED Talks
    You say such thought-provoking things about Pac Man, Sylvester, but I get pretty bored when ______.
    Did you hear about all those weird religious cult _____ who killed themselves by drinking poisoned fruit punch?