Inspired by @sophia
  1. What unsolved crimes have you committed?
  2. Where do you keep your valuables?
  3. Locations of presents you've hidden for the surprise birthday party you're planning for me
  4. What's in your wallet
  5. Who are your arch-nemeses
  6. How you lost your virginity
  7. What is your day job like? What do you wish it was like?
  8. Your obsessions
  9. What you think is extraordinary
  10. What drives you batshit crazy
  11. Who would you take a bullet for?
  12. What is it really like in prison?
  13. Things you aren't allowed to discuss due to a non-disclosure agreement
  14. How do you want to die?
  15. The 3 things you'd rescue from your burning house/apartment
  16. The names of your stuffed animals
  17. Mating rituals
  18. The skeletons in your closet
  19. How best to blackmail you
  20. What is your novel about?
  21. The first time you drove a car
  22. Your greatest triumph
  23. How you conceive of God?
  24. Locations of hidden birthmarks
  25. African or European swallow?