1. What should I hang over my bed??
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    Any ideas? It is so blank. Or is that relaxing?
  2. SALINGER movie poster
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    I was an Associate Producer and am in it for five seconds
  3. My corporate logo
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    Drawn by me
  4. The Princess Bride poster
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  5. Acrylic painting
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    By my friend Kyle Jenks who died last year :(
  6. Lithograph
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    Also by Kyle
  7. Kubica House Rules and Chore Chart
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  8. Oil painting
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    I think it's called "Fire Ring"
  9. Sign on daughter Izzie's door
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  10. Sign on son Charlie's door
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  11. Izzie's bulletin board
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  12. Charlie's bulletin board
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  13. The fridge
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  14. Framed print of JD Salinger's mailbox
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    It's on the cover of my Salinger book, Letters to J. D. Salinger. It came from an old article in LIFE magazine where a reporter went to try and find Salinger.