The documentary:
  1. Walt sucked with money. The money genius was his brother, Roy. And some other marketing/merchandising dude I forgot the name of.
  2. Mickey Mouse was almost named Mortimer and was almost a rabbit
  3. Walt was super anti-union and called all the workers who organized a strike against his company "Commies"
  4. Walt held petty grudges for approximately forever
  5. Walt gladly testified at the House Committee for Un-American Activities to name his enemies and people he had grudges against as Commies so they'd get blacklisted
  6. Disney Studios went public to avoid bankruptcy
  7. Walt was a super-duper chain-smoker
  8. Walt didn't cut his vacation in South America short to attend his dad's funeral
  9. Walt thought his Disney animated feature film, Cinderella, sucked
  10. Disney made propaganda films during WWII
  11. Walt got psycho obsessed with giant toy train sets and built them at the Disney Studios and at his house and road them around for hours every day dressed like a lil train engineer
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  12. Walt had the premiere of Song of the South in Atlanta but the African-American actor who played Uncle Remus could not attend because of segregation laws
  13. Walt hurt his back playing polo and then for years got back and hip massages from a hot nurse
  14. Walt's mom died of carbon monoxide poisoning in a house Walt built for her
  15. When Disneyland first opened, the line to get in was 7 miles long.
  16. Walt had an apartment in the pretend fire department in Disneyland and he'd kinda live there and then wander anonymously around the park in his bathrobe sometimes
  17. Donald Duck was jealous of The Mickey Mouse Club
  18. When Walt traveled, he'd take cans of his favorite chili and beans with him in his luggage
  19. The governor of Florida let Walt start work on Disney World/Epcot Center even though Walt wouldn't tell him what he was building
  20. Walt built Disney World/Epcot to impress a chick he wanted to bone.
    Nah, just kidding. I made this one up.
  21. In his last couple years, Walt was super grumpy and grouchy
  22. Walt died of lung cancer
  23. And the seven dwarfs were sad. Except Happy, who stayed happy and the other dwarfs got mad at him and even then he stayed happy.