1. Apple, Inc.
    World-dominating gadget/lifestyle company
  2. Blackberry Corp.
    Corporate smart phones
  3. Peachtree Accounting
    Home and business accounting software
  4. PEAR
    PHP extension
  5. Raspberry Pi
    A do-it-yourself, tiny programmable computer
  6. Orange Cellular
    Cell phone network/provider
  7. Cherry Corp.
    German electronics manufacturer
  8. Papaya Studio
    Indy video game developer in California
  9. Kiwi
    Android chat app
  10. Rotten Tomatoes
    Movie review Web site
  11. LimeWire
    P2P file-sharing app
  12. Redlemona.de
    Online reader/writer community
  13. Mango
    Online foreign language-learning app
  14. Banana Pi
    A single-board computer kinda like Raspberry Pi
  15. Plum
    Makers of programmable, smart-home light products (plumlife.com)
  16. WiFi Pineapple
    Wireless router for hackers/e-security professionals