1. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  2. Pan American World Airways
  3. When maybe half of all cars you rode in did not have seat belts in them
  4. Smoking sections on aero-planes
  5. When dentists did all kinds of stuff in your mouth—which made you bleed profusely—without wearing surgical gloves or masks
  6. When you didn't know about something world-changing until the 5 o'clock news
  7. The smell of static after you switched on the big cabinet, cathode ray tube television in the corner of the living room
    And then watching cartoons for hours while sitting on the carpet two feet in front of the TV while it bathed you in low-energy X-rays
  8. When you went outside on a hot summer day and literally all the children in the neighborhood were out there running, screaming and playing
  9. When the most private phone conversation you could have at home was over by the back door to the garage, because that's how far the kitchen rotary phone's coily cord reached
  10. John Lennon and George Harrison