1. Let people cut in front of you in line
  2. Let people merge in front of you on a highway on-ramp
  3. Let people switch seats with you on an airplane so they can sit together, even if your original seat is better and/or cost more
  4. Let people go before you at the deli or bakery counter, even if you were there first
  5. Let people sit in your seat on a subway or bus, even if that means you have to stand
  6. Let people have the last copy of the Sunday newspaper, even if you were looking forward to reading it
  7. Let people be really bad at providing you with any manner of customer service because they probably get paid very little, work very hard and get yelled at all day long
  8. Let people have the last parking spot in a crowded lot, even if it makes you late for a movie
  9. Let people in your life vent to you about their challenging/frustrating/difficult/no good/very bad day because you love them
  10. Let baby people cry at the top of their lungs for the entirety of a 3-hour airplane flight because they are brand new people who are thus not trying to annoy anyone and generally know not what they do
  11. 🌞