1. Above all, engage. Have conversations in the comments on lists you connect with. And in the process, get to know people.
  2. Never ever worry about your status, follower count, whether you are trending, who blocked you or other statistics. Because who cares? Instead, have fun. (Real life is already stressful enough.)
  3. If you comment on a list or make a suggestion to a list, also Like that list. 👍🏼
  4. Connect with people by sending them interesting list requests. Don't be shy, even with celebrities. Pretty much every celebrity I've sent a list request to has made one of my requested lists. Request something interesting.
  5. Be creative. This is a blank canvas and a fun, new format. What can you do with it? How can you express/differentiate yourself in a unique way?
  6. Share something personal. Whatever you're comfortable with. Always remember that there are actual human beings with their own life experiences behind every circle-shaped avatar. And they're all waiting to mind-meld with you. Discuss a Universal Truth.
  7. Sometimes The List App feels like an echo chamber of ❤️s and 💯s. Which is great. And you should be a polite and respectful List Apper. But productive debate can also be interesting. Don't be afraid to voice thoughtful disagreement. This is how we all stretch our intellects and grow.
  8. Don't bitch about List App features you like/don't like/wish existed publicly, in a list. That is what support@li.st is for.
  9. When in doubt, tag @gwcoffey. He is a kind-hearted sweetie; I love him and so will you.
  10. Be the real you, even if you are a 🤖 or a 🦄 or a 👹. But especially if you are a 👹.
  11. *By "win", I mean "get the most out of."