Because they don't know when to stop making more of these, here are a few ideas for the franchise:
  1. John Connor in the future feels suicidal so he travels back in time and kills himself the moment he is born
  2. John Connor wants to be born Caitlyn Connor so he takes some futuristic gender-determining serum back in time and injects it into his Mom right after she has sex with Kyle Reese
  3. Skynet sends some terminators far into the future to try to discover terminator technology that is less boring than still more terminators made of liquid metal
  4. John Connor wants to have a sexual experience with a man with someone he feels safe with so he goes back into time one day and has sex with himself and then knows what it's like to be a Top *and* a Bottom AT THE SAME TIME
  5. Kyle Reese decides it is a bad deal to go back in time and die so he goes back in time two days and convinces John Connor of the future to send someone else back and then the John Connor of the future immediately becomes Rupert Connor because his father is a different dude now
  6. And then a sequel where Kyle Reese changes his mind and reprograms a T1000 to help him and they both go back in time and battle it out with Rupert Connor
  7. A T1000 accidentally gets sent back to the Age of Dinosaurs where he can't find any humans to kill so he wanders around for a few hours and then self-terminates in a volcano
  8. Skynet sends a T3000 back to kill Sarah Connor's 17th Century French ancester, Sara Le Conique d'Termineau. The T3000 needs to wear a powdered wig as a disguise for part of the movie.
  9. Skynet sends a T1000 back to the Wild West to battle it out with Sheriff Jonathan Connor of Tombstone City. Call it Cowboys vs. Terminators. I'll be back, partner, yeee-HAWWW!
  10. Young, pre-apocolypse John Connor gets sick of waiting to become this great military leader so goes forward in time and kills his older self and becomes a great military leader sooner.
  11. Sarah Connor wants to go back to being an ignorant nobody that had nothing to do with terminators so she goes back in time and convinces her parents to name her Jane so Sarah won't show up in the phone book by the other Sarah Connors later on.
  12. A T1000 in the future is about to fail its history class so it travels through time and has an excellent adventure gathering up truly bodacious historical figures to speak during his final presentation.
  13. Skynet comes up with a new T1000 model that no longer looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger but instead looks like Don Knotts.
  14. Skynet is feeling frustrated and bored so for the fun of it sends even more terminators back in time to every time it had previously sent terminators back in time in order for the 2nd set of terminators to destroy the 1st set of terminators.
  15. Skynet gets sick of fighting humans and so goes back in time itself and reprograms itself to be nice and then the future of humanity is more like how humans end up in Wall-E.
  16. A remake of the first, original Terminator movie but this time, Kyle Reese brings back a Sports Almanac and he and Sarah get RICH.