These are all real books.
  1. Wigger
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    I own this. It's actually an amazing/moving (and rare) children's book by the author of The Princess Bride. But "wigger" means something else now, alas.
  2. The Muffin Muncher
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    What if it really was about that? And look at that grin.
  3. The pocket book of boners by Dr. Seuss
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    A fun-loving collection of erect penises
  4. Little Black Sambo
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    I had a slightly less offensive audio (record!) version of this as a kid. I can still remember the jingle-y songs from it. Eek.
  5. Who cares about disabled people?
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    I sure don't.
  6. The house that crack built
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    An unfortunate pun on a cute nursery rhyme.
  7. Everything I want to do is illegal
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    And after reading this, adulthood will seem even less fun.
  8. Queer Little Folks by Harriet Beecher Stowe
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  9. All My Friends are Dead
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    I actually love this very funny book.
    Suggested by @gwcoffey