A light and lively lunchtime list
  1. Everything in your bathroom if you flush the toilet with the seat cover open
    Which releases a fine mist of urine and fecal matter up to five feet away from the toilet. Yum, poopy toothbrushes and contact lenses and lipsticks!
  2. The bottom of your purse
    Which you put down in so many rank and gross places THINK ABOUT IT
  3. Your smart phone
    Which I'm sure you never clean with alcohol wipes
  4. The kitchen sponge
    Which you haven't changed since 2009
  5. Your computer mouse and keyboard
    Which you cough and sneeze and snot on ALL DAY
  6. Your game controllers
    Especially if you have teenagers who don't wash hands after pooping
  7. The bottoms of your shoes
    Which walk all day long in horrific goops
  8. The steering wheel of your car
    Which you have never ever cleaned or sanitized
  9. Your kid's car seat
    Just imagine all the E. coli and other nasties crawling around in that car seat cover!
  10. The arms of your living room sofa
    Where you regularly sprawl naked with your significant other(s?) and release/smear all manner of bodily sauces