I could go on, but ListApp cuts you off at 99.
  1. (The first person who tells me how to really spell "stupidest" is my first bullet point)
  2. Email "away" messages
  3. A text reply of only "k"
  4. When you check out at a store and they ask for your email or zip code
  5. When two people block an aisle with their carts at the grocery store to have a little "catch up" conversation
  6. When people like a "tree service" guy knock on your door and bother you and give you a business card and ask you if you want tree service
  7. Spam email
  8. The way "rhythm" is spelled WTF
  9. When someone in front of you on the road is turning left and they seem to be waiting for a space between oncoming cars that's the length of the Empire State Building before they feel it is safe to turn
  10. Tamper-proof packaging
  11. How you can't print your boarding pass anymore in a browser without also printing a bunch of coupons
  12. Product placement in movies
  13. Commercials before movies
  14. Pull handles on the Push side of doors
  15. Gross sounds men make in the men's room
  16. Cryptic computer error messages
  17. Waiting for an ad to play on YouTube
  18. Traffic
  19. Smog
  20. Religion
  21. How dictating a list item always seems to crash ListApp
  22. How my mom always texts in ALL CAPS AND ALWAYS PUT XOXOXO AT THE END
  23. When you empty the trash and the bag breaks
  24. Diaper blowouts (thank Tesla I don't have to deal with those anymore)
  25. Fruitcake
  26. When your bread dough doesn't rise
  27. When you get deodorant streaks all over your black t-shirt
  28. When you send an embarrassing text to the wrong person
  29. How you can't spell "embarrassing" without predictive type-ahead
  30. No hoverboards
  31. Having to work
  32. Mowing a lawn
  33. Leafblowers
  34. Republicans
  35. Monday
  36. When you are on the toilet and the last person used all the fucking toilet paper
  37. How all your relatives are racist
  38. Running out of coffee
  39. How everyone seems to get bent out of shape when someone tries to cut ahead of them in a line
  40. Insomnia
  41. Hemorrhoids
  42. Dobby
  43. Jar Jar
  44. The Kardashians
  45. Migraines
  46. Oxford Commas
  47. Hummers
  48. Monkeys/apes/chimps
  49. Roaches
  50. Mosquitoes
  51. Hangovers
  52. The flu
  53. Airplane delays
  54. The smell you get when you forget to flush the toilet and go on a trip for a week
  55. Break-ups
  56. Wisdom teeth
  57. Clogged toilets
  58. Locking your keys in your car
  59. Cancer
  60. Going to the DMV
  61. Filling out tax forms
  62. Phone calls
  63. Stage fright
  64. The beach ball of doom
  65. Not enough cowbell
  66. Billboards
  67. Watching sports
  68. Moving
  69. Replying All to an email when you only need to reply to one of the recipients
  70. Lying liars
  71. Vomit
  72. Stepping in gum
  73. Stubborn stains
  74. How easy it is to gain weight after 40. Or after 30.
  75. Sunburn
  76. When you buy bread and then notice there's mold on it
  77. April Fool's Day
  78. Facebook
  79. Stubbing your toe
  80. When your car won't start
  81. Getting fired
  82. Being unable to find a job
  83. War
  84. Racism
  85. Willful ignorance
  86. Mass shootings
  87. When someone suggests something for your list that is already on your list
  88. Stress
  89. Google self-driving cars
  90. The Apple Watch ⌚️
  91. The fact that bestselling books are often the ones written by the crappiest writers
  92. Reeling in a big fish only to have it flop free just as you see how big it is
    Literally and metaphorically
  93. Motion-sickness
  94. Being lost when you are late
  95. Bad tippers
  96. When people type the wrong there/their or your/you're
  97. How it always ironically seems that HR people are the worst writers/spellers/grammarians
  98. When you can't find the remote control
  99. The runs