Pittsboro, NC USA. September 13, 2015.
  1. First Place beans
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  2. The fairgrounds!
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  3. The Hurricane
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  4. The Cyclone
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  5. The Tilt-A-Whirl
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  6. Bucket-O-Fries
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  7. Bucket-O-Fries
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  8. Buckets-O-Fries
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  9. Stop taking pictures of me
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  10. DAD STOP
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  11. Funnel cake
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  12. Caramel apple with sprinkles
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  13. Caramel apple with sprinkles
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  14. Dad, playing with photo filters
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  15. Petting zoo
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  16. Get a ball in a bowl, win a fish!
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  17. The melancholy end of summer
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