1. So you didn't have time to get a Christmas tree and decorate it this year? Or maybe you can't afford a tree? Or you don't have room? Not a problem! You can use this portable, no-fuss @list Instant Christmas Tree to bring holiday joy to any room 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! And it's absolutely free!
  2. With our handy, lightweight tree, there is no daily watering or fertilizing required. No messy needles to clean up. And the cat won't break any of your fragile, heirloom ornaments!
  3. To set up your List App Instant Christmas Tree, follow these easy steps:
  4. Go into a room in your house...any room where you'd like to add the warm, loving glow of a Christmas tree. The less light in the room, the better. You want it VERY DARK.
  5. Sit down somewhere comfortable, preferably with a mug full of warm, mulled cider.
  6. Play Christmas music. We recommend Mannheim Steamroller.
  7. Hold your iPhone about nine (9) inches in front of your face. Aim the iPhone toward the corner of the room where you would like your Christmas tree to appear.
  8. Tap on the picture of a target at right so that the target enlarges and you are in List App slide show mode. When you are ready to activate your List App Instant Christmas Tree, swipe left on the target picture...
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  9. Adjust the brightness slider on your iPhone for a brighter or dimmer tree. For a larger tree, move the iPhone closer to your face. For a smaller tree, move the iPhone further away. Oh, Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree!
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  10. Peace on Earth. Happy holidays. 🎄
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