1. By now, everyone who is participating in (unofficial) List App Secret Santa will have hopefully sent their gifts to their gift receivers.
  2. Many of you have already received your gifts and are filled with so much joy that you have found it difficult to stop smiling, singing Silent Night and drinking rum punch.
  3. ⚠️ HOWEVER!
  4. For various reasons that are perfectly understandable, some people may be late in sending out their gifts.
  5. For other reasons that none of us may ever truly understand, some people may not actually receive Secret Santa gifts.
  6. Maybe that particular Secret Santa was struck by lightning or didn't get their information email or had a life emergency. It is OK. We understand. This is about Christmas mirth.
  7. Therefore, and in any case, if you do not receive a gift by December 31, 2015, please contact the List App Secret Santa Joy Proliferation and Sadness Mitigation Team:
  8. Phone / Text: 919-259-8023
  9. A team of joy proliferators and sadness mitigators are standing by to make sure everyone is taken care of and filled to the tippy top with Holiday Spirit.
  10. (This is not a joke. There actually is a team.)
  11. No matter what, everyone shall receive a Secret Santa gift, even if it arrives a few weeks after Christmas.
  12. Repeat: Everyone shall receive a gift. 🎁
  13. Happy holidays!
  14. Cordially,
  15. The 👤🎅🏻😀⬆️😭⬇️ Team