Where 10^0 = 1 meter (or 3.26 feet)
  1. 10^-35
    One Planck Length. A theoretical very, very small fucking thing only interesting to string theorists and geeks like that.
  2. 10^-24
    The radius of a MeV neutrino, a small subatomic particle.
  3. 10^-21
    De Broglie wavelength of protons as measured at the Large Hadron Collider in 2012.
  4. 10^-18
    Radius of a quark, another subatomic particle. Quarks are the particles that get sent out to grab lunch when the other subatomic particles are hungry.
  5. 10^-15
    About the size of an electron, those thingies spinning in cute little clouds around the nucleus of an atom. Have a negative charge, as does your mom.
  6. 10^-12
    The wavelength of X-rays
  7. 10^-11
    About the radius of a hydrogen atom
  8. 10^-10
    Width of protein alpha helix, a building block of life.
  9. 10^-9
    Thickness of cell membrane, the sort of skin on the outside of living cells
  10. 10^-8
    The diameter of a typical virus how can it be so small and make you feel so awful?
  11. 10^-7
    The wavelength of violet light. The diameter of tinkerbell's fairy dust.
  12. 10^-6
    A micrometer. The diameter of a red blood cell or of midi-chlorians.
  13. 10^-5
    Width of a water droplet up in cute 'lil rain clouds.
  14. 10^-4
    About the width of a human hair.
  15. 10^-3
    Length of a red ant 🐜 though this is a black ant my bad
  16. 10^-2
    One centimeter. About the width of an M&M or your pinky nail or the diameter of a AAA battery.
  17. 10^-1
    A decimeter. About as wide as a computer mouse (the long way) or a box of Jell-O, Bill Cosby's favorite summer treat.
  18. 10^0
    The length of John Lennon's guitar or of 3, foot-long sub sandwiches at the Quiznos.
  19. 10^1
    A decameter. About as long as a large blue whale 🐋. cc @mlb
  20. 10^2
    A hectometer. A little longer than a football field. How far you run in a 100m dash unless you are out of shape in which case it is the length of 328 12" pepperoni pizzas.
  21. 10^3
    A kilometer. About a 12 minute walk. A little over half a mile. The Burj Khalif, the tallest building 🏦 in the world, is about 82% of one kilometer tall.
  22. 10^4
    The depth of the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the ocean. 💧 Where James Cameron wants to die.
  23. 10^5
    100 km. About the distance covered by a degree of latitude on the Earth's 🌍 Surface. Or the length of all of Paris Hilton's shoes, lined up toe to toe.
  24. 10^6
    A megameter. About the distance from New York to Chicago.
  25. 10^7
    The Earth's 🌍 diameter is a little bigger than this. Also the distance I would be willing to travel to hug you.
  26. 10^8
    100,000 km. The distance you drive in your car before you need to go in to get a new timing belt installed. Light can travel this length 3 times in a second.
  27. 10^9
    The diameter of the sun 🌞 is a little more than this.
  28. 10^10
    The distance light can travel in a minute, more or less.
  29. 10^11
    About the distance from the Earth 🌍 to the Sun 🌞
  30. 10^12
    A terameter. The distance you'd travel to go to Saturn from the Sun and then half way back to the Sun again.
  31. 10^13
    About the diameter of our solar system. About the diameter of your ex-boyfriend's ego.
  32. 10^14
    Total length of all the DNA molecules in the cells of two adult humans
  33. 10^15
    A little less than a light year
  34. 10^16
    1 parsec. 3.26 light years. The nearest star, Proxima Centauri ⭐️, is about 1.3 parsecs from our Sun.
  35. 10^17
    About six times this distance is how far human's earliest radio wave broadcasts have reached into space. That's 65 light years. So I hope aliens enjoy watching The Honeymooners.
  36. 10^18
    The nearest star that's just like our The Sun is this far, away.
  37. 10^19
    Average thickness of the Milky Way Galaxy. Where the Star Trek Enterprise was when they first encountered The Borg.
  38. 10^20
    How big God is.
  39. 10^21
    How big Atheism is. BOOM also known as 1 zettameter. Sort of about how far away this dwarf galaxy called the Large Magellanic Cloud is from our Galaxy.
  40. 10^22
    From here to the Andromeda Galaxy and back.
  41. 10^23
    How far they mean by "Far, far away" at the beginning of all the Star Wars movies.
  42. 10^24
    A yottameter. Where Yoda lives on Dagobah har har. 9.5 yottameters is the diameter of the galaxy cluster we live in.
  43. 10^25
    A gigaparsec. The diameter of Apollo's Chariot.
  44. 10^26
    About as far as light has ever traveled away from the Big Bang.
  45. 10^27
    Maybe the radius of the universe. But at this scale, who fucking knows. Pass the bong.
  46. 10^28
    From here it is turtles the rest of the way down.
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