Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. We have a dream:
  2. …That we will be treated equally.
  3. …That we have a right to health, happiness, liberty, privacy, dignity, safety, peace.
  4. …That we are free to express our opinion, preference, joy, anger, dissent, belief, vote.
  5. …That each of us deserves a fair shake, a clean place to live, healthy food, a superior education, a safe, meaningful job, loving care when we’re sick, in need or old.
  6. …That our government is created of us, by us and for us.
  7. …That our elected representatives will serve us, listen to us, be open and honest with us and be accountable to us.
  8. We dream of a place filled with friendly, trustworthy, cooperative, understanding, welcoming, helpful and humble people who seek harmonious coexistence with all that lives.
  9. With this Constitution—which establishes a country called Freedom—we realize our dream.
  10. 🔷
  11. Which is the introduction to Constitution 2.0 (a rewrite of the U.S. Constitution as a creative exercise), written by yours truly: