1. So Genesis starts like this in THE NEW OXFORD ANNOTATED BIBLE:
  2. "In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the waters."
  3. So, so and so. Even if you believe in God, pretty much none of this makes sense. What is the beginning? And what is the heavens exactly? And if it is the earth (and why don’t they capitalize Earth? That’s rude to the Earth!) then how can it be a formless void also?
  4. Or rather, isn’t that redundant? Of course a void is formless. A void is Nothing and Nothing can’t have a shape. I don’t think.
  5. And so was the darkness already there before God created the heavens and the earth? Because light wasn’t there. He created light next.
  6. And if there is no light, how does God know that the heavens and the earth are even there? How does he know his creation was a success? He can see without light, I suppose? I don’t think “seeing” is possible without light.
  7. After he creates the light, it says that God “saw” the light so maybe they mean seeing WAS only possible after he created light but the question still stands of how did he see the earth and the heavens without light? God has ESP or hear vision, I suppose??
  8. ANYWAY! I also don’t understand how He supposedly created the earth and yet the earth is still a “formless void.” How can something be created and exist and still be a “formless void”?
  9. No, this is not possible. You either create it and it has a form or you have not created it yet. So the earth had to have been a formed devoid.
  10. And darkness covered the deep? The deep what? The deep formless void? The deep earth? The deep heavens? And what is deep? This is the entire universe we’re talking about, right? So how can you say it is “deep”? There is no up and down per se in a The Universe. The universe is more like “vast”, I think.
  11. And by “face of the deep” it seems like they are saying the “top” or “front” of the deep. What the fuck does that mean? The “deep” can’t have a top. That makes no sense. “The top of the deep ocean”. "The front of a swimming pool’s depth".
  12. No, neither of those are something a sane person would say. And if it is the “face” of the deep then it is really more like saying “the top of the bottom” and now I’m thinking God is high on comet tails.
  13. Next there is a wind. Where does the wind come from? It doesn’t say that God created the wind. Is the wind part of the formless void or something? I really think they should have been more specific. And then the wind “swept over the face of the waters” and we have another problem because a) where did the waters come from?
  14. God didn’t create the waters yet, AFAICT. And b) An earth that is a formless void would certainly not have waters yet since waters are not a void and they have a form (at least atomically or when they are ice). And also c) the waters can’t have a face, I don’t think.
  15. Even if we assume the waters are floating around in space, they would just be this formless blob or billions of little water droplets and where is the “face” on that? Nowhere, that’s where. And this is all happening way, way before those water faces in that ABYSS movie so we can rule that out.
  16. So there, I have proven that Genesis starts out with nonsense. The End (ironic, since the Genesis starts with “In the beginning”!!)
  17. Also, how does God know it is the beginning if he has not invented time yet? It doesn’t say he has invented time yet. It should say “At some point” instead of “In the beginning” I think.
  18. ANYWAY. The Bible is peculiar. Also, the first sentence of Genesis is a run-on sentence and God should have created Strunk and White as the first thing. Sheesh.