Please add your view from the nearest window right now!
  1. Rainy, cold day in Carrboro, North Carolina USA.
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  2. rainy backyard of my childhood home in Eastern North Carolina
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    Suggested by @abbyd
  3. Nashville, TN
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    Suggested by @LuvJulia
  4. currently on a walk in six inches of snow with boone
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    Suggested by @manda
  5. My commute back to my apartment from school
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    Suggested by @samanthastone
  6. Cloudy day in Aiken, South Carolina, USA
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    Suggested by @jhope71
  7. Foggy Bottom, DC
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    Suggested by @haleyhendrick
  8. The view out of one of the sunroom windows in my parents house in Minneapolis, MN
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    Suggested by @evak
  9. From the train going north up the Hudson.
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    Suggested by @ElizabethCrane
  10. Doraku Sushi, Honolulu
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    Suggested by @aminam
  11. Rainy evening in Adams Morgan, DC
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    Suggested by @LizDawson
  12. Cold, dead plants in Loveland, Ohio
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    Suggested by @jennifergster
  13. Dusky view from my desk, with office fairy.
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    Suggested by @ladyprofessor
  14. Rancho Mirage, Ca.
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    The view from my parents' dining room.
    Suggested by @Marcella
  15. Hackney, London UK
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    Rainy night in Hackney!
    Suggested by @ams50
  16. View from the train window on my commute home in London, England
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    Suggested by @camilletapia
  17. As "fall" as El Paso, Tx gets!
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    Suggested by @prisfacekillah
  18. Ft. Lauderdale Airport
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    En route from Ohio to Louisiana and I just had an airport Cuban sandwich. 😭
    Suggested by @alligeeshow
  19. From my bedroom window in Edmonton
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    Suggested by @sabrinakristine
  20. San Antonio, TX
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    View from my portable classroom. Kind of depressing, but I am grateful to at least have a window.
    Suggested by @quirkyish
  21. Second round of snow about to hit Minneapolis.
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    Suggested by @ebsquared
  22. Sunrise
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    Suggested by @aida
  23. Out the ferry window, heading to Seattle.
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    Suggested by @shauna
  24. View from the University of Georgia student newspaper office — Athens, Georgia
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    Suggested by @leighton
  25. Hollywood, CA
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    View from my balcony with the Griffith Observatory in the background.
    Suggested by @ChristaBullock
  26. No windows.
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    Suggested by @perry
  27. Waiting for my older one to get out of choir and my younger one from basketball
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    Culver City CA
    Suggested by @T
  28. The view out my dorm window in St. Paul, MN.
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    Remind me not to look out my window at night again.
    Suggested by @moonjockey
  29. Winston Salem, NC
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    Rainy and freezing cold!! Yay fall
    Suggested by @julesypeeps
  30. Drive home at sunset.
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    Suggested by @ktenkely
  31. Boulder City, NV
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    Suggested by @audreypalumbo
  32. Saint Paul, MN
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    Waiting while getting an oil change.
    Suggested by @maryvs
  33. Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA
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    The view from my work of the Superman Rollercoaster ... On the first day of summer, I am enjoying the view from my work at the movie studios next door to the theme park
    Suggested by @callmesabby
  34. Good morning from Mussoorie in the Himalayas
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    Suggested by @annalara
  35. View of Mount Baker from a skytrain commute home in Vancouver, BC
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    Suggested by @megapalmer
  36. Ugh.
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    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  37. Rain and 50s in Pittsburgh-is this December or September?
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    Suggested by @braffertyb
  38. The other day, still ok?
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    Suggested by @Shashimo
  39. Feel lucky about my office view. St. John's, Newfoundland.
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    Suggested by @sonyaellis
  40. Long Island City, Queens, NYC
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    Suggested by @amycoady
  41. Sunny but chilly afternoon in St. Louis
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    Suggested by @eas128
  42. LAX waiting to hop on a bird to JFK
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    Suggested by @vp
  43. Finals week at Duke University. The actual view from my dorm room.
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    Suggested by @maryziemba
  44. View from my boss's window at Tellus Science Museum
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    Suggested by @jessicantrell
  45. Nothing but sunshine out the lunchroom window.
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    Suggested by @bethklustter
  46. View from the toilet Rock Hill SC
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    Suggested by @HamptonWall
  47. Dickson Street in Fayetteville, Arkansas
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    Suggested by @ajsoster
  48. Cloudy morning - Turners Beach, Tasmania, Australia
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    Suggested by @goodwinthom
  49. Snowy Minneapolis, MN
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    Suggested by @ginny
  50. Willamette Valley, Oregon from my kitchen window
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    Suggested by @abbondanze
  51. Proper southern Christmas porch. Wilmington, NC
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    Suggested by @szczesnyt
  52. Boston near the Boston Garden. View from my boss's office of newly constructed apartments - formerly view of historic Old North Church and North End. (Don't tell my boss I took this pic.)
    Bd2a442e 72c9 437f 8ae2 5816b0310be3
    Suggested by @AlyciaCT
  53. Herne Hill station, south London
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    Suggested by @parkingirl
  54. Seattle
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    Suggested by @DCGroner
  55. Geelong Australia 9 am not my most inspiring window, but the closest. Hoping the clouds pass on this 5th day of summer
    D4d7487e a511 496f ae8b b995540b7568
    Suggested by @Anotherpaul
  56. Out the foggy front door. On my birthday. Granite City, IL.
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    Suggested by @allsnlws
  57. At work. Lakeport Plantation, Lake Village, Arkansas.
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    Suggested by @pandabrains
  58. 9:30am sunrise in Anchorage, Alaska ❄️
    82ea7c03 dea5 4e99 aace a487c9f93858
    Suggested by @ladyboss
  59. Another sunny day in Pensacola, Florida.
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    Suggested by @kmtrong
  60. Chicago
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    Suggested by @theranman
  61. My Backyard in Texas
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    Suggested by @skyematlock
  62. Waiting at my gate at the Fort Meyers Airport
    Bff4c8f3 8e2d 4775 8269 41f30d6e7f8e
    Suggested by @jb_piper
  63. My muddy backyard in Stratford Ontario
    608854b1 debb 493c ab4e 788d883128f2
    Suggested by @daisy
  64. Behold the icebergs o' Reykjavik outside my window....
    29ab9c0f f960 436a 8672 49e6ca46d7d2
    Suggested by @goalieshoes
  65. View from my bedroom window, Melbourne, Australia
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    Suggested by @ellenmcc
  66. Palm trees & the spirit house at my home in Bangkok
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    Suggested by @KatGrl71
  67. South view out my apartment bedroom window Bethesda Maryland
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    Suggested by @stanfordstar
  68. Sunrise in Minnesota
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    Suggested by @ryanwdolan
  69. My bedroom on a crisp morning in Houston
    8fb7cc02 fc90 4eb6 8f2b e417719f00b2
    Suggested by @mmstewart
  70. Boston, MA
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    Suggested by @krripich
  71. Grey day in Colorado
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    Suggested by @heyche101
  72. The thin weird closed off alley off my BedStuy apartment
    A7eaa786 89f4 4a7c 90c5 9907bd58f794
    Suggested by @thewendy
  73. Indianapolis, IN
    4414a566 74fa 426d 96b6 00382b0398c3
    Suggested by @aklarkin
  74. Carlsbad sunset
    C6ad9e9a 9adb 4626 95fe e62007d9d7cb
    Suggested by @tinyangrybird
  75. Mississippi sunrise
    Ac07c104 5065 43a1 91e9 4ade62a0f1ff
    Suggested by @MaryLauren
  76. View from my bedroom window. Vevey, Switzerland
    57f0047a f757 4d62 8aa5 5eddead87238
    Suggested by @ischmitz
  77. I live as Far East as you can in Manhattan (I live next to the FDR expressway) but I also get a great view of Long Island City
    Suggested by @sami
  78. We never know when they will show up for a snack. But they never travel alone.
    Upper Chaparral Park, El Paso, Texas.
    Suggested by @chacal