Ah Bartleby! Ah humanity!
  1. Do his work copying documents
  2. Proofread a document
  3. Go to the post office for the narrator
  4. Go and get Nippers for the narrator
  5. Be dispatched on the most trivial errand of any sort
  6. Help the narrator tie up some documents with red tape
  7. Let the narrator into his own office
  8. Tell the narrator where he was born
  9. Tell the narrator any thing about himself
  10. Give the narrator an answer
  11. Be a little reasonable
  12. Quit
  13. Leave the narrator's office
  14. Copy documents for the new tenants or leave the premises
  15. Re-engage in copying for someone
  16. Take a clerkship
  17. Be someone's companion in Europe to entertain some young gentleman with his conversation
  18. Come live with the narrator
  19. Make any change at all
  20. Dine to-day