(NOTE: I went to some of the advertisers' Web sites to look up prices.) Vive le 1%. CC: @newyorker
  1. These are the ads I mean:
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  3. Black leather Bauhaus-style upholstered bed and frame starting at $3,599
  4. Like...a 3' by 2' print of a beech leaf for $1,040
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  5. A platinum ring with a 2.69 ct emerald cut emerald (whatever that means) flanked by two diamonds (3.08 cts) for $57,500
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    I'm not making these up
  6. A week at a family camp in Vermont at $6,690 for a rustic, 4-bedroom cabin
  7. Inpatient drug treatment care at a private hospital in Connecticut. Cost unknown. But you cannot afford it.
  8. A 1" long 14K solid gold golden retriever in a velvet box for $450
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  9. A lil cashmere beanie for $155
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  10. A platinum ring with your family crest on it for $5,390
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    Haha family crest like you mean the toothpaste we used right??
  11. A lovely barge cruise down a river in France for $7,095 per person per week (based on double occupancy). Wine not included.
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  12. A 1/2" diameter 14K gold hummingbird pin that has a diamond eye in a velvet box for $475
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  13. A fedora for $165
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  14. A "super deluxe" French beret for $92
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  15. Ok there is also a "deluxe" French beret for $55 but look at how much less deluxe it is:
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    Soooooooo not deluxe enough