1. Not eat
    Angst is great for weight loss
  2. Smoke cigarettes
  3. Pace around
  4. Go for long walks
    Whatever my troubles are, maybe I can stay ahead of them. Maybe I can outrun them. Maybe.
  5. Putter
    Clean, empty the dishwasher, fill the dishwasher, wipe down the counters, look for dust-bunnies, arrange pillows, make the bed
  6. Bite my nails
  7. Bite inside of lips (via @Lookatbecca)
  8. Pick at my nails
  9. Try to watch a movie or something to distract myself
  10. Play with the corners at the bottom of my shirt
  11. Bounce my legs
  12. Refresh and refresh my social media streams
  13. Not sleep
  14. Second-guess myself
  15. Listen to Nina Simone
  16. Sigh
  17. Sigh
  18. Sigh
  19. Look at the stars and wonder