Do not ask me to do your makeup. That is probably not a good idea.
  1. @jfout is a good sport!
  2. Read labels on makeup bottles, tubes, pencils and brushes. They tell you what each thing is!
  3. You can contour more than just a nose
    Like cheeks maybe? Or the chin?
  4. Too much contouring on the nose can make you look like you have a black eye
  5. Use the right brush for the job
    There's wet foundation brushes, powder foundation brushes, rouge brushes, eye lash brushes. So many brushes! Using the wrong one can be bad.
  6. Don't put lipstick on the teeth
    It goes on the lips. And I think just on the bottom lip and then you rub your lips together.
  7. If you have small eyes, you can add some kind of eye liner to make them appear bigger
    Like in a white or peach color
  8. Less is more with perfume
    And don't spray it all in one place. And don't slap it on your cheeks like after shave.
  9. Put on makeup in adequate light
    Not in a darkened room. And certainly not while drunk.
  10. Don't put foundation on hair
    It goes on the skin.
  11. You don't have to put on all the products just because you have them
    Like sometimes you don't put on eye shadow at all!
  12. Don't dip in for more mascara after every stroke
    That's way too much. Unless you are going for a clumpy look.
  13. You can really fuck up the lower eyelashes unless you are an expert mascara artist
    So clumpy. Like plump black caterpillars on there.
  14. FYI, @jfout is beautiful without makeup
  15. You know your own face way better than you know other people's faces
  16. I think concealer isn't for moles/freckles
    It's for acne and stuff. Right?
  17. I think you don't put makeup on ears
    Or is there special ear makeup??
  18. You might make someone grouchy if you try to blend their makeup with your fingers