1. Going vegan
  2. Taking long, long, daily walks
  3. Spending a lot more time each day reading books
  4. Spending a lot less time online
  5. Hiring a personal assistant
  6. Massive amounts of decluttering
  7. Spending way less time hanging out with douchebags
  8. Creative writing
  9. Signing up for Audible.com, platinum level
  10. Traveling
  11. Oil painting
  12. Private Latin lessons
  13. Taking a French class
  14. Going paperless/digital in every way possible
  15. Spending more time with children
  16. Cooking more
  17. Signing up for a CSA farm share
  18. Random acts of kindness
  19. Volunteering
  20. Becoming a county arts council advisory board member
  21. Taking photographs
  22. Learning more about astronomy
  23. Exploring new music / signing up for Apple Music
  24. Watching old, classic movies
  25. Setting up bird feeders
  26. Installing a bat box
  27. Staying hydrated
  28. Getting enough sleep
  29. Being more sure of myself
  30. Buying a really, really comfortable blanket
  31. Drinking less coffee