1. Be so relieved that the internet and all your stupid blinky, buzzy gadgets are off
  2. Listen to hail hit the skylights
  3. Go outside and find some hail and eat it
  4. Take a photo during a lightning strike that is so bright it looks like daytime
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  5. Oh shit. The neighborhood email list said there's a coyote in the neighborhood
  6. Don't get eaten by a coyote
  7. Go inside
  8. Do not light candles
  9. Lay quietly on the couch
  10. Try not to notice how sweaty you are with the AC off
  11. Wait for a flash of lightning
  12. See someone's silhouette next to you
  13. Kiss the edge of the silhouette and gauge it's reaction
  14. Eat some of the orange sherbet before it melts. Share some with the silhouette.
  15. Notice how the fireflies seem to fly higher than usual
  16. Enjoy the pitter-pat of rain on the tin roof
  17. Overlap the silhouette ever so slightly
  18. When the rain dies down, hear thousands of chorus frogs
  19. Luxuriate in inactivity
  20. Try to feel it. All of it. In slow motion.