Just let go
  1. Whether the barista makes your 4-shot, triple double decaf half-caf with a twist of lemon coffee order correctly
  2. Whether the plane in which you paid $14.50 extra for an exit row seat will crash into the wide blue sea
  3. Whether the dry cleaner will get the mock chicken gravy stain out of your favorite polka dot pantaloons
  4. Whether your adult son thanks you for the amazing self-lighting barbecue grill with smoker attachment you bought him for the Fourth of July
  5. Whether you get that promotion to Chief Assistant Artichoke Harvester you've been hoping for since last year
  6. Whether your Timberland® Thinsulate® water-resistant bootlace will break right before your hike up Mt. Fuji
  7. Whether your significant other will ever put on a new roll of Charmin® double-quilted lotion-infused toilet paper after they use up the last roll
  8. Whether your important Microsoft® Word® resume will get accidentally deleted when you alt-tab over to play Minecraft for a sec
  9. Whether your tree-hugger daughter remembers to call you on your 50th birthday while she is vacationing in Paraguay
  10. Whether your upstairs neighbor has aggressive sex on squeaky furniture right after you sit down to read To the Lighthouse while listening to Enya's "Shepherd Moons"