100% real. Also: definitely not judging her in any way. Merely observing.
  1. So I board a small aero-plane on my way to JFK aero-port this morning.
  2. I am in the aisle seat.
  3. A young woman is seated next to me in the window seat.
  4. After we have both been there in the aero-plane next to each other for a few minutes, she takes out her iPhone 6S Plus.
  5. She proceeds to snap many selfies, smiling at her front-facing camera as sunlight from the little porthole window illuminates her dimpled face.
  6. The volume on her phone is turned all the way up so each shutter-snap sound is REALLY VERY LOUD.
  7. Then...
  8. She starts to pull down on the front of her already low-cut, scoop-neck sweater.
  9. And continues to snap selfies of her face and semi-exposed top-of-breasts.
  10. I try not to look. But. She is right there. And her iPhone screen is facing toward me. Nevertheless, I try to read my book and pretend I can not see.
  11. Then...
  12. She sets her phone down on her right leg.
  13. And reaches right into her brassiere.
  14. And sort of scoops up a breast. Like...grabs the entire thing.
  15. And...arranges it to make it look larger and more prominent.
  16. And then she does the same to the other side.
  17. At this point, she is basically flashing me her entire chest.
  18. But she is not embarrassed in the slightest.
  19. Indeed, she seems oblivious to my presence.
  20. When she is satisfied with her breast positioning, she takes even more selfies.
  21. This goes on more or less continuously until the aero-plane begins to take off.
  22. After we land, and as we taxi to our gate, she adjusts her breasts once more and does another selfie photoshoot.
  23. And this time she makes kissy sounds at her iPhone as she snaps the pictures.
  24. And then we deplane.
  25. The End