Taking a moment to reflect on my 999 lists to date before the 'ole odometer rolls over to four digits...
  1. I joined "The List App" (as it was called then) on ~February 27, 2015, during the beta
  2. My first list was about J. D. Salinger
  3. Between my sign-up date and now is ~560 days.
  4. That is an average of 1.78 lists posted per day.
    Oops, that was too many. I'm sorry.
  5. My lists have trended #1 more times than I can count
    It was always a thrill each time, though
  6. To my knowledge, I have never had a list Featured
  7. I have only twice changed my List profile picture
  8. I ran a List Secret Santa
  9. I sent 250 List-user-semi-strangers classic books that were in my closet
  10. Static
    I photobombed her, too! She told me I was one of her favorite List users. 😍
  11. I bought @bjnovak lunch (and met @jesseno and @sophia)
  12. I ate Thai with @bobbyhundreds
    Seriously one of the nicest/smartest people I've ever met
  13. My warm-fuzzy-est list is this one:
  14. I remember the time before some List users got those verified, blue checkmarks... 🔵✔️
    ...and we were all just people, hanging out. I guess we still are, but it's different now.
  15. Before the app went public, I used to List-interact with the "celebrity" users on the regular, which was always sort of surreal (but fun)
    It was great that everyone felt so safe and comfortable and friendly together
  16. Like @john Mayer made this list about dreaming of going to the movies with me?! Cray, right? Do you think he still thinks about us from time to time?
  17. I wrote about my white privilege when all the other "old white dudes" on List did not
  18. I sent one of my beta invites to the one (and only? I think?) Pulitzer Prize-winning author List-users, Michael Chabon, who signed up!...for a very short time
  19. You also may thank me for our beloved @gwcoffey, who was another of my beta invites
    And is one of my besties ❤️
  20. Which was enjoyable, but exhausting
  21. I arranged fun (I hope) meetups in NYC and Boston...
  22. ...for which I made temporary tattoos for List users who had been in the beta
  23. I once had dinner with BJ's wonderful father, the biographer/ghost writer, joke-crafter and kaleidoscope-collector, @BillNovak
  24. I have seen the List logo change three times
  25. I attended a List Superbowl party in Los Angeles, California
  26. I invented the term "listfecta"
  27. One time, I went to bed, woke up in the morning and had 274 List notifications
    You have to wonder what BJ's notifications look like each morning across his social media and how does he manage it all??
  28. I can't believe I've written almost 1,000 lists on a tiny, virtual iPhone keyboard!
    Ow, List Hand Syndrome
  29. At this very moment, List is the only social media I use
    No Facebook. No Twitter. Zilch-o.
  30. My most under-appreciated list is this one (see link below). It is a short story about a guy who realizes he is stuck in a time loop the size of a List bullet. So...like GROUNDHOG DAY but each loop is 350 characters long (which is the maximum # of characters allowed in a List item).
  31. I always tried to make interesting list requests, like this one to @JoshGroban about why he collects pennies
  32. The greatest thing about List, for me, was that it kept me writing each and every day. I found it to be a great creative outlet. I connected with it.
  33. There has been little more thrilling over the past couple years than the prospect of painting on this blank canvas:
  34. The next greatest thing about List was the fact that—through it—I met many amazing humans in the real world as a result
  35. My next list, List 1,000—a nice round number—will be my very last list
    Is any other list user in the 1,000 Club? Not that it matters much, but I wonder...
  36. (I know that last bullet sounds dramatic. But it's time—at last—for me to go.)