Thanks for this request, @originalamericantrt!
  1. β€’
    Follow a user for a while πŸ˜€
  2. β€’
    Read their lists πŸ“•
  3. β€’
    Engage with their lists πŸ’¬
  4. β€’
    Click the link to their online bio and read a little more about them, if possible ▢️
  5. β€’
    Creep on some of their older lists πŸ”¦
  6. β€’
    Look at the kinds of lists they "Like" πŸ‘€
  7. β€’
    Request a list you think they'd be good at making πŸ‘
  8. β€’
    Request a list you haven't seen anyone else do yet πŸ‘Ή
  9. β€’
    Request a list that shows you have actively found out a little bit about the person πŸ‘¨πŸΏπŸ‘©πŸ½
  10. β€’
    Request a list that is based on a bullet point in one of their existing lists that you want to read more about (like I did with @originalamericantrt and her criminal record and with @sally and crazy doctor stuff that has happened on her watch) πŸ”΄
  11. β€’
    Request a list that will open a "side door" into their mind, life and personality πŸšͺπŸ’­
  12. β€’
    Don't request too many lists (except of @mlb, who never makes most of your requests because she doesn't like you that much apparently) ⛔️
  13. β€’
    When the "requestee" makes the list, thank them. And then Like and Relist the list β™₯️
  14. β€’
    So go forth, ye, and request a list! Make the world a list-ier place! β™₯️🌎
  15. β€’