Inspired by @alligeeshow
  1. Asks and asks and asks to go to the drive-thru biscuit restaurant on Saturday morning on our way to Pokemon League (yes, unfortunately, this actually is a thing) and when they ask through the speaker for our order, I order a biscuit, my son orders a biscuit and Izzie orders a decaf coffee only.
    "I'm training myself to enjoy coffee for when I'm an adult and will need a lot of this stuff every day," she'll say, "and WHAT I don't have a taste for a biscuit just now!"
  2. The other day, I give her The Hobbit to read, and she disappears for two hours and then emerges having read and understood and retained the ENTIRE THING. A 290-page book! I ask her some questions about it and her favorite character is Smaug. "He should have toasted all those mo-fos and kept his treasures and gone back to sleep!" she says.
  3. Wears a ball cap like this and asks me, "Dad, are you down with this hat?" and I say, "SO down!" and she says, "You don't even know what 'down' means!" and I say, "I INVENTED 'down'!" and she glares at me and says, "Uh-huh. More like invented 'dumb'!" and then she gives me a hug and says, "Sorry, dad, that was mean. Anyway, will you buy me a Coke?"