1. Watching a little boy tool around my cul-de-sac on a pink, motorized 4-wheeler without a care in the world
  2. Having my path crossed by a doe and her two adorable, spotted fawns
  3. Dinner and sake with a friend who literally looks like Santa Claus and indulges me / lets me vent for as long as I please
    Christmas in July
  4. Having an all-day-long, wide-ranging text conversation with @mlb
  5. Blowing off a client meeting to watch Mr. Robot
  6. Listening to the ever-present call of birds
  7. Inspired by a list by @bobbyhundreds, disabling some of my time-sucking, useless social media and feeling refreshed and free doing so
  8. Listening to drizzle spatter on sky lights at dusk
  9. Deciding to work on a novel tomorrow
  10. Leftover pizza lunch!
  11. Accepting an invite from a neighbor to roast weenies over a bonfire while sipping IPAs this weekend
  12. Changing the sheets on the beds of my children
  13. Taking a walk after a gentle rain and greeting strangers I pass with a warm smile
  14. Reading a short story at the same time I know someone else is reading it
  15. Letting go
  16. Inhaling a bit of the breath of life
  17. The breath of life
  18. The breath of life