According to the Office for Intellectual Freedom. Between 2001-2009. More here:
  1. 1,577 challenges due to "sexually explicit" material
  2. 1,291 challenges due to "offensive language"
  3. 989 challenges due to materials deemed "unsuited to age group"
  4. 619 challenged due to "violence"
  5. 361 challenges due to "homosexuality"
  6. An additional 291 were challenged due to their "religious viewpoint"
  7. 274 materials were challenged due to "occult" or "Satanic" themes
  8. 119 because they were "anti-family"
  9. 5 because "Dobby is hella annoying!"
  10. 2 because "not enough cowbell"
  11. NOTE: They only list eight reasons, so I made up #9 and #10 because I want this to be a "Top 10" list and because I want you, the reader, to depart from this list full of mirth and whimsy.