Inspired by @alligeeshow
  1. I love your energy.
  2. Wow, you smell great. What is that perfume??
  3. I read this book and thought of you.
  4. I may have just driven by your work and tucked a handful of daisies under your car's windshield wiper. Just saying.
  5. If I made a list of three good things that happened today, you would be part of all three good things that happened today.
  6. I don't mean this in a sexual way. But you have an objectively really, really sweet ass.
    (But not, like, a good thing to say to a non-friend work colleague)
  7. It's okay. You sit. I'll stand.
  8. I'm not in a big hurry. You go first.
  9. I know you can't pick up the phone right now at work, so I'm going to sing these two songs for you into your visual voice mail.
  10. I just made you this birthday cake. I know it was in July. But I made you this birthday cake!
  11. You. Me. This bottle of sulphide-free Cabernet. That beach. That sunset. And none of these stupid clothes.
  12. I will clean the cat litter box this week. You be in charge of our Netflix queue.
  13. Whoa, dude, check out your awesome collar bones.
  14. That is the best outfit on you.
  15. I just bought you the new iPhone. Surprise!
  16. Your dimples give me goosebumps sometimes.
  17. I have this organic almond massage oil, a towel and these candles. Please remove your shirt and lie face down. Of course I will put on your Enya cassette!
  18. Let me read you this short story.
  19. Hey, I found this basket of kittens!
  20. Just sit. I've taken care of everything.
  21. 💐💐💐