LET'S REBEL!! Or wait let's rebel in a minute because the new episode of True Detective just downloaded...
  1. That Big Business has all of our politicians—on both sides of the aisle—in their back pockets, and never gets in trouble/is above the law
  2. That all of our furniture is made of sawdust and glue instead of real wood
  3. The consistently low-quality, low-reliability of cell phone calls
  4. The terrible quality, customer service and high price of cable TV and Internet access
  5. That most of our clothing and blankets are made of plastic (rayon, acrylic, etc)
  6. That food labels lie to us because of Big Business and politics
  7. The high price and awful quality of health insurance
  8. That when we try to rise up and protest and #OccupyWallStreet, the government LOLs and slaps us down like a bitch
  9. The amount of sugar in everything and not knowing how much sugar is too much because powerful sugar people lobbied to have RDA sugar values not appear on food labels
  10. The number of people killed every day in our name by military drones
  11. Homelessness
  12. The amount of chemicals in our food
  13. Tax loopholes for fucking super rich people
  14. The amount of money our country goes deeper in debt every second
  15. Landfills
  16. How all our heroes are money-making or egotism-related
  17. The overall poor quality of products we buy. Like umbrellas. When was the last time you had a really great umbrella that lasted forever?
  18. Countries like North Korea
  19. That we're "friends" with countries like China even though China treats its people like shit and puts dissidents/artists in prison
  20. That basically all product marketing is complete bullshit
  21. The number of hours we are asked to work each day
  22. Everything having to do with air travel
  23. How much distraction we allow into our everyday lives
  24. Stuff we pay for the privilege to use but often rarely use (like me and Netflix)
  25. The amount of money our country spends each year on "defense"
  26. All the inaccurate euphemisms we use every day. Like the person flying a plane being called a "captain." He/she is a fucking pilot and let them be happy with that.
  27. How everything is "executive" and "premiere" and "deluxe". Like Executive Premiere Deluxe Cheezy Puffs.
  28. The quantity of spam email
  29. Buying things on credit
  30. The idea that buying a home is a good investment
  31. That everything having to do with having a wedding is an overpriced racket
  32. That all of our holidays have been commercialized. That we are creating new holidays to commercialize.
  33. Games built around in-app purchasing
  34. That social media is the same as socializing
    It isn't
  35. How many parts of everything nowadays are made of plastic
  36. How you now need to protect a car's "bumpers" from bumps because they are so fragile
  37. Executive pay
  38. All the religious crap that's still part of official government things like "in God we trust" and swearing in on a Bible and the "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance.
  39. That global warming is acceptable and inevitable
  40. How awful we're treated by police
  41. How truly disgraceful and inadequate and ineffective our public education system is and how much we undervalue teachers.
  42. How all the manufactured, artificial, suburban neighborhoods we live in are named after the actually cool natural things that were chopped down and plowed under to build them.
    Like Sunny Brook Forest. And Cedar Cove Hills Pasture Farm. And Pheasant Run Villa. And Horse Barn Lane. And Belle Maple Harvest Village.
  43. How worried you feel all. The. Time.
  44. 😡
  45. That America is the only industrialized nation besides Papua New Guinea to NOT have guaranteed paid maternity leave
    Suggested by @EMurrayC
  46. That women are not paid as much as men for the same job, & other feminist issues.
    Suggested by @janetanne
  47. That we pay farmers to throw away food while people are starving
    Suggested by @evanp
  48. How little musicians make from streaming services
    Suggested by @dudleyjoshua
  49. The act of rape in general.
    Suggested by @janetanne
  50. Prison rape
    Suggested by @evanp