Full disclosure: I still shop there 💰💰💰
  1. I got the new catalog today. Errr, magazine. Errrr, catalog. It's impossible to tell what it is. Do they sell buffaloes?
  2. It starts with an article about the South Dakota Prairie
  3. And here is that cover buffalo's family. Frolicking and grazing on the prairie. Safe and protected by Patagonian shepherds.
  4. And these people all like buffaloes I guess? There are no captions. So much buffalo love.
  5. And here're some cowboys? Do they sell cowboys? Do the cowboys love the buffaloes? I'll bet they do! SO much.
  6. And this owl. Do they sell owls? Hoo hoooo, little guy!
  7. Badlands! So pretty!
  8. Cattle skulls. Sun-bleached and sublime. So far I have not seen one dollar sign in this thing. Do they sell bones?
  9. Still more regal, happy buffaloes.
    So they care about the prairie only so there are enough buffaloes to make an endless supply of jerky out of okay got it
  11. The jerky is $10 for about a 1/4 cup of jerky and with the $10 shipping charge, that works out to about $5 per tablespoon of jerky
    It would be cheaper to fly to South Dakota, find a buffalo, kill it, smoke it, make my own jerky out of it and print a magazine about it.
  12. Anyway moving on. Next there's a long article about sheep
  13. Do they sell sheep?
  14. Sublime sunset over Patagonia
  15. Here is a proud sheep owner with a sweet beard
  16. Let's share some stone soup, neighbors! Do they sell stone soup?? Do they sell berets?
  17. Baaaaaaaa-a-a! Adorable.
  18. OH OK if you love the sheep pictures you will want this $129 sweater they make. They invented the term "Merino Air™" which translates roughly into "half wool, half plastic"
    I'm not kidding. Their "grasslands Merino wool is spun with polyester fiber using a proprietary method". Don't worry...I'm sure it is grass-fed plastic.
  19. Patagonia®. The only place to find everything we make®. Including a $20 mouthful of buffalo meat and plastic wool®.