1. It is a detached cob house behind someone's actual house
    "Cob" meaning the walls are compacted dirt, clay and straw
  2. To get to the lil house, you pass through a dozen bunnies
  3. I repeat: Bunnies!
  4. For light (and heat? I think?) there are colored glass bottles embedded in the walls
  5. More bottles
  6. It has a sort of thatched roof
  7. Plank floor
  8. Real plants
  9. An in-room water dispenser
  10. Chocolate espresso beans
  11. Fresh lilies greeted me with their perfume
  12. Great rocking chair
  13. Romantical canopy bed with buckwheat pillows
  14. Reading candle
  15. Rainwater shower
  16. And a saw dust toilet
  17. Yup. You poop in a bucket with sawdust in it. And then put sawdust on top of your poop.
  18. Here is the pooping handbook
  19. Ah, Los Angeles!