Wax on wax off my ass! What if Miyagi had abused his role as Daniel-san's mentor for personal gain?
  1. Daniel-san, build me a high-rise condominium. Old furniture out, new furniture in.
  2. Daniel-san, develop me a mutual fund. Call it: Miyagi Investments. Funds in, funds out.
  3. Daniel-san, design me a Space Shuttle. Call it Miyagi One. Payload up, payload down. Don't forget to breath. Very important.
  4. Daniel-san, program Miyagi a Web site. Code in, bugs out.
  5. Daniel-san, ghost-write Miyagi's autobiography. Embellishments in, embarrassments out. Keep breathing, Daniel-san!
  6. Daniel-san, direct feature-length movie about Miyagi. Special effects in...and even more special effects in, Daniel-san.
  7. Daniel-san, take Bar Exam for Miyagi. Correct answers on the paper, incorrect answers off the paper. Don't forget to study.
  8. Daniel-san, set up Miyagi's OKCupid dating profile. Call it KarateSexMaster. Topless photos in, real age out.
  9. Daniel-san, develop Miyagi an amusement park. Call it: Miyagi World. Customers in, money out, Daniel-san.
  10. Daniel-san, devise money-making pyramid scheme. Call it: Daniel-San Fund. Miyagi paper trail out, Daniel-san paper trail in. Allow no link back to Miyagi, Daniel-san!