1. The Instant Win Variation®: The center star is now called the Instant Win Star® which means whoever plays the first word wins the game and, as such, you are done playing Scrabble® more quickly hurray
  2. There is a new tile called the Super Blank® which, when played, always spells ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM
  3. The Topless Rule: If anyone plays the word TOPLESS, all players must immediately go topless, even your mom
  4. The Pi Premium Word Square®: The score for an entire word is multiplied by pi when one of its letters is placed on a Pi Premium Word Square
  5. Millennial Rules®: When playing using this rule set, any word found in http://www.urbandictionary.com is legal to play
  6. The Fuck a Duck Addendum®: If the word DUCK appears on the board, you can replace the D with an F to "fuck a duck" which also earns you a 69 point bonus
  7. The "My Letters Are Drunk" Maneuver®: Once per game, you are allowed to put all your tiles on the board in the form of a nonsense word, even if that word is EEAOOIU
  8. The One-Time Use Rule Set®: You still keep seven letter tiles on your tray, but when it is time to play a word, instead of placing tiles on the game board, you write the word on the board with a black Sharpie®
  9. Deck the Halls Scrabble® Holiday Christmas Carol Edition®: Same basic game and rules but the only wooden letter tiles in the bag are F, A, L, A, L, A, L, A, L and A.
    Wait for it...
  10. The High Stakes Rule Set®: Same basic game, but you must pay $1 for every point that the letters you play are worth. For example, playing JAM (J=8, A=1, M=3) would cost you $12 to play. Winner of the game takes the pot. Loser of the game can't pay their rent that month.