Let me count the ways. Feel free to add more ways that I annoy you. I can take it.
  1. Texting people pictures of me in bed during the day while they are at work in their cubicle
  2. Not replying to letters in a timely manner
  3. Singing loudly along with music playing in my car when other people are riding with me
  4. Overtagging @mlb in lists about ghosts or whales
  5. Overtagging @gwcoffey in lists that mention Apple, Inc.
  6. Poking fun of how people pronounce words
    Like how @mlb says "skeledon" instead of "skeleton" Oooooops I did it again.
  7. Never remembering to send @evan the pictures I told him I'd send him weeks ago
  8. Being too active on @list
  9. Humble bragging about stuff
  10. Being passive-aggressive sometimes
  11. Telling dad jokes
  12. Using bad puns
  13. Telling people I'll wait until they catch up to me in Mad Men and then "accidentally" watching 8 more episodes without them
  14. Misinterpreting text messages
  15. Asking to spoon you but then complaining that you are making me too hot
  16. Snoring
  17. Telling my mom and dad I'll call them every day for two weeks and then forgeting to call them
  18. Telling someone I'll read a certain book but then just leave it on my nightstand for months without starting it.