1. During an ice storm, put sidewalk salt on your neighbor's sidewalk instead of on your own sidewalk and then walk very carefully back home
  2. Talk to the bagger/cart-bringer-backer guy while you check out at the Kroger
  3. Help someone push their car out of the slush in the Wal-Mart parking lot even if it means your pants get covered in slush in the process
  4. When a co-worker tells a "yo mama" joke, promptly say something kind and complimentary about that person's mama
  5. Someone is outside in the cold with super cold looking hands and you have gloves on so take off your gloves and give them to the cold-handed person
  6. As you read your newspaper in a coffee shop, ask a stranger what their favorite section of the newspaper is and then hand them that section of your newspaper, even if it is your favorite section of the newspaper
  7. Gather all the raisin-nuts out of two boxes of Raisin Nut Bran® cereal and serve them to your girlfriend in a bowl with her favorite kind of milk because you know she loves them
  8. Whoa, you just found a $100 bill look at you Lucky Lou you are just the luckiest well anyway buy like two gallons of window cleaner spray and Brawny®-brand paper towels and go clean your Uncle Rupert's windows because you know it would be very dangerous for him to go up on that ladder at his age
  9. Just for today, remove the squirrel baffle from your backyard bird feeder and let all the squirrels that come just get so full of sunflower seeds they don't know what to do with themselves
  10. Make a bowl of spaghetti for your boyfriend with just one meatball in it & roll the meatball over to your boyfriend with your nose after it has cooled off a little. Later, when the two of you accidentally start to eat opposite ends of the same noodle and you eat and eat until your lips touch, don't shy away: Instead, give him a soft, noodle-y kiss.