Don't really do these.
  1. Go in dressed as a fucking McDonalds cash register clerk and when they say "May I take your order?", repeat "May I take your order?" back and echo whatever they say and act like their mirror image until you are forcibly removed.
  2. When you throw away your trash, throw away the fucking tray, too. And throw away all the trays on top of the trash can while you're at it.
  3. Get 50 little pump cups of ketchup. Even when you didn't get any fucking fries.
  4. Don't fucking know what you want at the drive through. For 15 minutes. Let cars pile up behind you. Honking. Shouting. You don't care.
  5. Go in and order a drink when they open at 7 am. Then get refill after refill after fucking refill until fucking 9 pm.
  6. Order a shamrock shake and promptly spill it everywhere. Get another. Fucking repeat.
  7. Order at the counter and then when they give you the total, change your fucking mind. Repeat. But each time, act more and more flustered and deranged.
  8. Keep trying to order stuff only sold at fucking Burger King or Hardee's.
  9. Hang out there all day dressed as fucking Grimace.
  10. Order Chicken McNugget sauce. Just the fucking sauce. A whole tray of just the sauce.
  11. Pump out pump ketchup right onto the fucking counter below the pump. Pump out the whole canister.
  12. Go in there crying and order a sad meal. You don't even want to hear about the Happy Meal. You WANT THE FUCKING SAD MEAL OKAY
  13. Drink a bottle of ipecac and go in and order five fucking Filet-O-Fish sandwiches. Eat them quickly. Sit down near children. Wait.
  14. Order a large drink and fill the cup with ketchup and go and pour it all over the fucking toilet seats.
  15. Go in right after they stop serving breakfast and order fucking breakfast breakfast breakfast.
  16. Order 20 Big Macs at the drive through and fucking just drive away.
  17. Order just the Hotcakes syrup and find a nice old lady and fucking pour it on her hat.
  18. Get a McFlurry and insist they blend in a fucking Bacon Clubhouse Burger.
  19. Go in naked and fucking run around and shout I'M LOVIN IT over and over and over.
  20. Ask to see fucking Ray Kroc.
  21. Go into the PlayPlace and fucking secretly pee in the ball pit.
  22. Order at the drive through and demand a fucking plastic tray.
  23. Order 15 things at the counter and insist each item has its own fucking tray.
  24. Order $40 in food and pay in fucking pennies which you count out slowly, one penny at a time.
  25. Purposely get fucking stuck in the PlayPlace tube slide. Scream.
  26. Order and when they put your food on the tray hop up onto the counter and eat right fucking there on the counter.
  27. Just go in with a trash bag and take all the fucking ice.
  28. Take fucking all the straws.
  29. Put a fucking rat in the napkin dispenser.
  30. Park in the drive through and lock the car and then walk over and see a fucking two hour long movie at the multiplex.
  31. Pretend to burn yourself on the molten hot apple pie and scream and fucking scream.
  32. If they have a fucking Need a Penny -Take a Penny tray, take all the fucking pennies. Order nothing.
  33. Make like you're going to order and then ask them a million fucking questions about their food, ingredients, business practices, etc.
  34. Apply for a job there once per hour and always put bogus info on the application fucking form.
  35. Order at the drive through and just fucking mumble or whisper so they can't understand you.
  36. Park in the drive through and then go inside to fucking eat.