1. Check out that bumble-bee sized hail!
  2. Dammit where did that pheromone trail go?
  3. Great, now me and ants 357 through 1,442 are gonna have to rebuild the colony dome AGAIN.
  4. Wait so the sky is an ocean now?
  5. Well at least those termite motherfuckers will get washed away, too.
  6. OMG look at all the yummy earthworms!
  7. Queen gonna be pissed about this mess
  8. Oh I see all the tunnels are flooded and we're scuba ants now
  9. Huh this log the size of ten cities covering the known universe
  10. I wonder what we did to anger Antgod...
  11. Surface tension is bullshit!
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    Suggested by @evanp
  12. I'm not fucking marching 10x10 to get out of this rain... That's really inefficient.
    Suggested by @mallofamanda