Real fears, please. No jokes on this particular list. Thanks for sharing!
  1. Caterpillars and house centipedes
    Suggested by @e
  2. Heights and centipedes scare the day lights out of me
    Suggested by @Fatih
  3. Clowns...
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    I've always hated clowns but when I was a small child I had an extended stay in Children's Hospital and there were clowns there that wouldn't stop following me and since then the fear has only amplified
    Suggested by @ErinFlaherty
  4. I'm afraid of getting shot in a movie theatre in the back of the head. A real fear of mine before it became an unfortunate and weirdly normal current event.
    Suggested by @johnniehobbs
  5. Tornados, clusters of holes
    Suggested by @sky
  6. Time itself frightens me. The actual years going by. The years that came before me. The fact that my iPhone can scroll to the year 3026 when NOTHING I know of now will exist. This isn't a good movie but this shows exactly what freaks me out! Time: no existence and the idea of nothing and something all at once
    Suggested by @johnniehobbs
  7. Cockroaches, thunder, getting older.
    Suggested by @rachelleigh
  8. That I'm merely a mediocre Dad
    Suggested by Chris Kubica
  9. Weeping Angels from Dr. Who are terrifying.
    Suggested by @jillbasinger
  10. Taxidermy.
    I know it's crazy, but an actual phobias for me.
    Suggested by @ktenkely
  11. Failure
    Suggested by @evanp
  12. Large statues, old churches, plastic shower curtains, being in a public bathroom stall while the toilet flushes, breaking my teeth and failing at anything I do.
    Suggested by @olive
  13. Helplessness
    Specifically the feeling of watching and not being able to do anything while a loved one is suffering or hurting.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  14. The idea of my body swelling up like Violet Beauregard in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
    Suggested by @alissamaynot
  15. Tendons
    Specifically wrists and Achilles. Hearing people talking about them makes me hold on to mine as if I need to protect them.
    Suggested by @pocketpenguin
  16. Vomiting
    No idea why but it is the absolute worst thing and I would rather die and I usually end up hyperventilating.
    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  17. Letting someone down when they put their trust in me.
    This is my only lifelong recurring nightmare. I mean the dreams are different but they always have his theme. The most vivid was when I was in high school I dreamed a woman at the mall asked me to hold her baby for a minute and somehow I dropped the baby over the railing and down 5 floors. Still haunts me.
    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  18. Rats, knowing what good art is but not being able to produce it
    Suggested by @margotmathews
  19. Pitch black darkness in suburbia (indoors and out). Will they hear my screams?
    Suggested by @jujujerni
  20. Pool lights. Legit. They scare the shit out of me...but mostly when they're off, cause you can't see where they are and they sneak up on you.
    Suggested by @KelseyKapow