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  1. We had brats and salad and sweet potatoes
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  2. Spaghetti from a fundraiser dinner
    Suggested by @e
  3. Stateside, here in Seattle.
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    Suggested by @bobbyhundreds
  4. Splitting a pulled pork Sammie and a bratwurst for a healthy night out. :)
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    Suggested by @Mary
  5. Gyro. No picture because I ate it.
    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  6. Eggplant-based veggie burgers. (They were way better than they looked!) and sweet potato fries (yams, technically).
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    Suggested by @WhelmedDad
  7. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
    Suggested by @BlueRidgeGirl
  8. Baja Fresh burrito that I ate so aggressively I had sour cream juice dripping down my arm.
    Suggested by @magdalenam
  9. Poutine and a beer float
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    Suggested by @ErinFlaherty
  10. A punishingly large pork burrito
    Suggested by @agard
  11. Last of summer dinner near the beach in Red Bank, NJ! Seafood fresh from the ocean and perfectly salted fresh cut fries!
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    Suggested by @jeanette
  12. "Simple Spaghetti:" a recipe from one of my mom's childhood cookbooks. We ate it while watching The Naked Gun. Being home rules.
    Suggested by @sky
  13. Falafel sandwich, Ful, Hummus, and bread
    And it cost me under a dollar!!
    Suggested by @rebeccaroanoke
  14. Tarte t'flette
    No idea if that's spelled correctly, but it's a French dish with potatoes, heavy cream, and cheese. Went went to our French friend's house for dinner -- they have three daughters and we have three daughters. There was another family with one son. It was a madhouse, but delicious.
    Suggested by @karenelkinscohen
  15. Cotton candy fois gras & wagyu Philly cheesesteak 😳🐽
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    Suggested by @T
  16. Chips and wine
    Yay I'm an adult
    Suggested by @maggiebard