1. Drive-thru biscuits
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    Suggested by Chris Kubica
  2. The printed Sunday New York Times
    Suggested by Chris Kubica
  3. Having my second cup of coffee with a book
    Suggested by @sarahcottentail
  4. Reading in bed after eating a breakfast burrito
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    Suggested by @sky
  5. Snuggling with my kids and relaxing in our pjs and enjoying the fact that we don't need to rush everyone off to school/work.
    Suggested by @juliebux
  6. I love not having to wake up at a certain time, making myself toaster strudels because they're amazing, then going back to sleep
    Suggested by @Fatih
  7. Sam's bagels and the Larchmont farmers market
    Eat Noah's bagels and we can't hang out. The fruit and flowers at the market are silly good.
    Suggested by @gilbaron
  8. Family time and churchy recharge.
    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  9. It's a regular workday for everyone else here
    The workweek is Sunday-Thursday in most Middle Eastern countries. I'm still on a Monday-Friday schedule so I get all my errands done on Sunday with no waiting!!
    Suggested by @rebeccaroanoke
  10. Football. Playing football with my co-ed rec league team: Back That Pass Up (going for our 6th consecutive Championship win!). Watching football during NFL season: GO COWBOYS. ....also brunch. Brunch is always good.
    Suggested by @KelseyKapow