I ended up a software developer that does creative projects on the side. Not too bad, huh?
  1. The President
  2. A warrior
    Just some kind of non-specific warrior. Maybe like Snake Eyes from G. I. JOE
  3. Luke Skywalker
  4. A member of G-Force
    D1e74230 734f 4c46 8c49 e9bcf68ddd12
  5. An astronaut
    A generalized astronaut, going on Space Walks
  6. A member of the Space Shuttle crew
    Thanks, Obama
  7. A teacher
  8. An inventor
  9. A painter
  10. An illustrator
  11. A writer/author
  12. An actor
  13. A director
  14. A certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
    I have this certification now, but don't use it directly for anything
  15. A politician
  16. An entrepreneur